Service Portfolio

Whichever new billing system you are implementing, we have the right experts to make the transition successful and seamless.
We will bring our expertise and work shoulder to shoulder with your team to digitize your business processes !
Check out our service portfolio.
  • SpikeeLabs have an extensive experience of BSS operations including several successful BSS swap delivered on time and seamlessly for BtoB and BtoC end customers.
  • Over the years, we have built and improved the right Method of Procedure which will secure each of the operational steps which lead to a fully operational BSS.
  • This Method of Procedure relies on a set of Professional Services and tools which are agnostic to your destination billing system and can be adapted to your own business processes and tailored to your risk appetite.
  • Do not waste the efforts put in implementing your new modern BSS by a poorly thought migration process or lack of operational resources, BillingLabs Service Toolkit is here to help !

In a few words...

"There is no secret, the success of a new BSS introduction project relies on the people in charge. Experience, discipline and focus are the three major required qualities to avoid project slippage, revenue loss and customer frustration. The BillingLabs team can bring their expertise to help you make your new BSS project a success story. Because we have designed one BSS in house and because we have lived several BSS swaps, we know many traps to avoid and several tricks to play ! We will work shoulder to shoulder with your team from start to finish, anticipating issues and building relevant mitigation plans wherever necessary, ensuring completeness and consistency of all test and validation steps, examining and pre-processing your data to ensure the new system will work on quality inputs and produce the right and auditable outputs. To do this, we will adapt to our organisation and inject the right skills where necessary. Some says it takes some luck to succeed on a new BSS project. We might be lucky then, and we noticed the more we work, the luckier we are !”

By Elvina YOVO Project Leader​