Swap Strategy

The overal swap strategy needs careful thinking ahead of the project and consideration of the existing market ecosystem to chose the best option.

Big-Bang approach is dangerous

Operators usually have a rich track record of commercial offers, products, serving different customer segments and accumulated over the years of operations. This constitutes a complex picture at the time of transferring this onto a new BSS and needs careful consideration in the early days of the project.

The idea of a big bang swap where all customers and offer plans are migrated in one go onto a new system which is then put in operations is a dangerous approach.

Assessment is key

Aside the offer and product pruning exercise ahead of the new BSS program, a phased swap strategy can be an efficient way to mitigate the risks and increase the chances of a successful swap. The phases can be defined either by :

  • product
  • customer segments
  • splitting BtoB and BtoC
  • Or any combinations of the above !

A first sample of friendly customers can also be migrated to allow the validation on a simpler combination of offers and products. All those possible scenarios need to be looked at and assessed to design the safest and more robust program.

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