End-to-end testing

  • Clear strategy upfront
  • Structured method
  • Discipline in execution
  • And fast fix delivery

All our software is tested on a unitary base within our development team in order to eliminate a first level of issues and get to the right quality level before being integrated in the final ecosystem. The end-to-end test is one fundamental stage in our quality assurance process which aims at giving our customers and ourselves the highest level of confidence in our global delivery.

There are multiple steps in this activity which need to be rigorously followed to ensure the global efficiency:

  • Define a clear strategy which will target the key functions first and finish with less complex features, as well as clearly define the success criteria.
  • This strategy is then translated into a test plan which list all tests to be executed and identify the required resources at every stage of execution.
  • Experience has shown the rigorous execution of the test plans by dedicated resources is the best investment in time and money for the project.
  • The involvement of end users and businesspeople is also a key contributor to ensure a smooth adoption of the new system.

BillingLabs also comes with a set of integration, testing and deployment automation features which will significantly optimize the testing activity and its duration. Our SpikeeLabs experts will support you and train your teams to become autonomous in running Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment CI/CD on your new billing system.

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