The BillingLabs Software Stack

A comprehensive “Quote to Bill” software based on the latest technology : #Microservices #DataBaseArchitecture #MessageOriented #Automation.

Logical Architecture :

BillingLabs is a modular “quote to bill” software suite which was designed by SpikeeLabs

  • It allows companies to produce quotes for their prospects and bill their customers for using their products and consuming their services according to highly flexible and configurable billing mechanisms defined in a Product and Service Catalogue.
  • Quotes are generally used in BtoB model offering room for commercial negotiations until the quote validation. In BtoC, quotes can be used as the customer contract which becomes an order after customer signature.

Based on the billing mechanisms which can be as simple as a fixed monthly subscription fee or as complex as a combination of “pay per use”, variable price on quantity and subscription fee, BillingLabs will calculate the total amount due by each active account, produce the corresponding invoice and update the corresponding Account Receivables in the accounting system.

BillingLabs is made of two set of functional components :

Technical Architecture :

Thanks to the Microservice Architecture associated with Reactive Pattern, BillingLabs is a very powerful billing engine offering a high-performance processing capacity associated with a flexible cooperative development stack shortening your Time to Market.

Scalable & stable processing capacity is achieved thanks to independent asynchronous processing units communicating with publish-subscribe mechanisms. The solution can be scaled up or down on a cluster of mid-range servers whenever you want: on premises or in the cloud.

The integration with your existing IT is made easy through our full REST APIs developed in Python or through MDM synchronization using Kafka Streams.