Shoulder to shoulder collaboration

In order to make this BillingLabs solution become yours!

As previously wrote, we want you to be satisfied and happy for having chosen to deploy BillingLabs in your company. This is a new system for you and we want you to have the time to get familiar with it and still want to have a reasonably short period before the first version of BillingLabs becomes Live in your company.

To satisfy those two objectives, we will work closely with your team in the first phase up to GoLive in order to:

  1. Secure a seamless introduction of BillingLabs in your company in a reasonably short timeframe
  2. Get your teams familiar with our product and ready to takeover the software development responsibility should you wish (and if you wish) to after GoLive.

To achieve this, we will build a project team composed of BillingLabs experts and people from your teams.

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