Change management

Technology matters but people deliver. Your people with our dedicated experts!

The other fundamental success factor when introducing a new Billing system is the Change and Stakeholder Management. The objective of this process can be summarised as the preparation of the teams well in advance to use their new upcoming billing system. ​

SpikeeLabs has experts who will engage with all stakeholders all along the different steps:

  • Identifying all stakeholders in their different roles
  • Understanding and documenting the drivers for change​
  • Listing all business processes involved in the billing transition
  • Adapting the existing processes​ in collaboration with the relevant stakeholders
  • Communicating to all stakeholders the impacts of this new system on their day to day​
  • Organizing training and practice session with end users
  • Getting all relevant stakeholders familiar and ready to use the new system​
  • Regular communication throughout all those different steps to a wide audience
  • Preparing for GoLive and execution

By following a well-structured and comprehensive change and stakeholder management process, we will secure the transition between the legacy billing system and BillingLabs. It is a fundamental element to ensure a smooth transition to your new billing system.​

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