How does CI/CD & automation affect your business?

Due to a flexible cooperative development stack:
  • We shorten your Time to Market.
  • The solution can be scaled up or down easily: on premise or in the cloud.

Automation is the key word for fast & secure IT and being fully integrated into a CI/CD tool chain is a must have:

  • Building and deploying applications are relatively easy operations to automate. But doing so manually is both obsolete and risky.
  • Automated tests and linting guarantee code quality.

Using Docker and Kubernetes to build and run applications enables us to :

  • Deploy a solution rapidly
  • Make the running environment highly available.
  • Ensure easy metrics monitoring and log troubleshooting with the best modern tools and standards.

BillingLabs makes the most of DevOps culture and technologies to ensure that they are as reliable On-premises as on the Cloud.