Why choose BillingLabs ?


A truly disruptive approach, both technically and commercially

After many years working with customers complaining about their billing systems (too complex, too expensive, too slow, too complex to change …), we initiated a reflection and started to dream about a different approach.

This resulted in the creation of the BillingLabs product which has already demonstrated its value proposition across two successful customer implementations.


BillingLabs is different technically and operationally :​

  • Cloud native by design (HW agnostic, reactive pattern/event messaging).​
  • Fully distributed and highly scalable (microservices, horizontal scaling …)​.
  • High Performance storage capabilities (SQL+NoSQL). ​
  • Make or Buy will always remain a feasible option after GoLive (No vendor dependency)​

BillingLabs is different commercially :​

  • Based on a perpetual licence aligned to the billed amount, giving full access to the product and evolutions.​
  • Co-ownership of the source code and access to the BillingLabs community.​
  • Your cumulated licence will never exceed 1% of your maximum billed amount per year.

Make or Buy ? Do both at your leisure!

BillingLabs is:

  • An open technical SW stack that you can integrate and make it evolve at your pace and to your needs with your own development team.
  • A great development booster relying on an existing well-proven architecture offering a myriad of features off the shelf.
  • An already established CI/CD model to enhance roll out of new features.

BillingLabs is not :

  • An open source solution with limited features accessible only in “Premium” : you have full access to the code, all the code.
  • An ‘off the shelf’ product with expensive added value features and unclear integration path.

BillingLabs value proposition

  • For customers who want to build their new Billing System or replace their legacy with a new one.
  • For customers who want a State-of-the-Art product leveraging on the latest Cloud technologies.
  • For customers who don’t want to create dependency with an IT vendor and are keen to have their own SW development team.
  • For customers who want to know what their TCO will look like and refuse to be trapped later by expensive and complex software licensing mechanisms.

BillingLabs is the ideal Billing engine to have a tailored billing system in operations in a short timeframe (generally the time it takes for a migration towards a standard IT supplier), at an affordable cost and remain in full control of the next steps by insourcing part or all of the billing development activities.

Time has come for telcos to move to the cloud and adopt new models.

The technology is there and BillingLabs can take you through that exciting journey !