Maintenance, support and evolution

Because we always need to evolve, we will jointly define the right maintenance and support organisation adapted to your need.

“Co-dev” so “co-support” also

SpikeeLabs can assist you in defining and organizing the Operational Team’s roles and responsibilities for the Run:

  • Infrastructure management: network, system, storage…
  • L2 Basic operations: data fix / Logs management / Business Requests.
  • L3 operations: bug fixing, small evolutions…

Usually, Infrastructure management and Level 2 remain within the customer scope of responsibility. We should define the right organization to go on to ensure the evolution of the platform.

Billing systems always need to evolve

Lastly, the market is always moving. As your BillingLabs perpetual license includes access to any new feature:

  • that we will develop in the future in our BillingLabs mainstream Software
  • or from our development community if you wish to be part of it,

and because the needs within your company may evolve, we will remain always available to support you, according to the model we agree on, on your billing system evolution:

  • by adding new modules,
  • by building new rating rules, new billing rules
  • by implementing them in your new offers and new products.
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