Complete redesign of a billing system in order to make it very scalable & fast.


The customer repository model should remain in the existing CRM system but the rating and billing model based on hard MS-SQL server is too slow and not very scalable.

Solutions provided

  • Development of a complete re-architecture of a “collect/rating/billing” pipeline:
    • Tiered, highly scalable model.
    • NoSQL based where appropriate (CDRS / transactions).
    • Exchange between stages by Rabbit MQ.
    • Developed in python under docker for greater responsiveness.
  • Integration with the existing ecosystem:
    • Specific API development to interact with the legacy system.
    • End-to-end integration and testing under managed by SpikeeLabs.
    • Migration and testing of all data.
  • Support for the production rollout:
    • Migration of existing customers to the new solution.
    • Support for the maintenance in operational conditions.

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