Pricing model

With a new architecture also comes a disruptive pricing model:
  • All inclusive: no options, all existing and future features are included in your perpetual license!
  • Easy predictable: as everything is included, don’t worry about the cost in the future, there will be no surprise!
  • Very affordabe: and lastly, stop throwing huge money at your billing system!

A disruptive model to fit your needs

At SpikeeLabs, we are aiming at developing long lasting relationships with our customers. We firmly believe loyalty comes as a result of a high-performance product adapted to our customer needs associated with a fair total cost of ownership tailored to your company size and development stage.

As a result, we have looked at the market and tried to propose a disruptive, simple model, where our customers can easily evaluate their billing system TCO in line with their financial planning horizon.

To use BillingLabs, you will only pay for one all inclusive perpetual software licence which gives you full access not only to the current Billing Labs mainstream product but also to all new features that will become available in the future.
Because we do not think your billing cost should be an ever-growing cost line, we have designed our model to ensure that this total cumulated licence cost will never exceed 1% of the maximum yearly revenue billed using BillingLabs.


BillingLabs Software Perpetual License

We are here at SpikeeLabs to help you succeed in your business. We want your Billing system TCO to stay in line with your P&L and stay away from extracting value from you as a life annuity as a lot of IT software providers do, these times are now over!

We want to help new businesses to grow. If you are a start-up and until you bill 1m€ per year with Billing Labs, you have it for free!

Above 1m€ of annual billed revenue, you will pay an all-inclusive perpetual license per million of billed revenue, this amount will decrease as you grow. As the license is genuinely perpetual, you won’t pay anything more if your billed revenue does not grow in one particular year!

So, in summary, you only pay licenses when and if your business grows. Simple.

SpikeeLabs can also provide professional services in various areas such as software development, software integration, software support, training, operations… it will be your choice to decide what you need and want from us.