Key Benefits

The key benefits are #HighPerformance #SharenDev #AllInclusive #Modularity

High Performance

BillingLabs software relies on a Tiered Architecture:

  • The global process consist in the execution different layers in sequence.Each layer is designed to execute a simple task at a time:
    • « Pull » system : each layer pulls the information needed from a NoSQL database.
    • « on-Demand » system : each layer is independent and manages its own logic.
    • « Publish » system : each layer stores its own result in a database and notifies when its job is complete.

The software execution includes a validation and reporting of good execution between each tier and it is also possible to rerun any layer on any subset of data at any time.

The objective of building a high performance translated into the utilization of different database technologies. Database time to respond is often a limiting factor in such systems. To optimize the Database queries execution time, BillingLabs use SQL DB  -SQLServer- and NoSQL DB -Cassandra and MongoDB- to ensure all data are stored in the database which is the most adapted to their structure and usage pattern.

Lastly, BillingLabs has been designed to run in the cloud and leverage all automatic scaling mechanisms offered by this environment. As a result, in case of a sudden need for computing capacity for example, if a huge amount of data is received for processing, message queues will extend, this will be detected and more instances of the relevant microservices will be started to absorb the momentary demand.


Share & Dev

When you acquire the BillingLabs software, we offer you to become a member of the BillingLabs development community. This is a unique opportunity which will give you full access to:

  • all BillingLabs source code evolutions made by the other community members at no additional cost;
  • The BillingLabs mainstream software which SpikeeLabs will continuously enrich with new features at no additional cost.

To enrich the BillingLabs mainstream software, SpikeeLabs will select the most relevant features from the community and integrate them into the mainstream and develop new features themselves.

In exchange, you will have to commit to share you own development and make them available on the community repository.

If for any reasons – confidentiality, regulation, IPR rules …, you do not wish to become an active member of the community, you can still have access to the BillingLabs mainstream software based on a yearly subscription.


All inclusive

A lot of software editors come with a long list of features, some being included in the base product, some being optional but all having their own license cost. At the time you decide to work with a particular software, you make your decision based on the known features at that time, the ones you need, and the ones included in your provider’s roadmap. A couple of years later, new features become available at prices you could not have anticipated.

This is not the kind of relationship we want to create with our customers. We do not propose base and optional features. BillingLabs is sold as a whole, and you use what you need !

When new features become available, they immediately become part of the BillingLabs software and are made available to you at no additional cost.

As a result, you can calculate your Total Cost of Ownership the day you decide to use BillingLabs and this TCO will not change, whichever features you will need and implement in the future !



BillingLabs has been designed as a suite of independent functional modules you will assemble as if you were playing “legos”.

These modules will fetch, update and create data in various databases. Each of them consists in a sequence of microservices which are executed following a predefined choreography without the need of a centralized orchestration mechanism.

As a result, modules can also be run independently at any time on any subset of data.

As the modules are all independent, you can cherry pick the ones you need and integrate them into your existing environment. We will not be able to guarantee the same performance of the whole process, but we can offer that flexibility to match your requirements.