CPQ and Admin

A suite of microservices to enable the Billing Process :
- CPQ :Account & Product Catalogue Management
- CPQ : Quote Generator
- Billing Platform orchestration and troubleshooting

CPQ – Account Mangement

Accounts in BillingLabs represent and describe individuals and enterprises which are directly or indirectly associated with a billing stream.

Accounts can bill (Vendors) or be billed (Customers) or both (Reseller) or none if they are linked to another Billed or Billing account.

Account Management can be performed in a distinct CRM system. In this scenario, a CRM connector will copy the necessary information in BillingLabs for its billing purpose.

The master of customer and account data will remain in CRM.


CPQ – Product Catalogue Management

The catalogue is the reference repository for products, services and offers.

One BillingLabs implementation can contain and manage several catalogues. This allows to group a set of products.

Offers are a combination of products and services with associated prices and other characteristics or parameters. Once turned into a subscription (instantiation of one offer for one vendor-customer association) those characteristics will be used as inputs, during the rating and billing process for this customer.

Elementary elements of the catalogue are products and services which can become available for customers over a period. Typical products or services are SMS service, Voice connectivity service, Data connectivity… in telecoms, movies, and series in VoD …, electricity recharge …

The services above are related to usage but products can also be items like a smartphone or a CPE.


CPQ – Quote Generator

The concept of quote is used both in BtoC and BtoB.

In BtoC, the quote is used as the proforma contract with a potential customer before it is signed off. After sign-off, the quote is turned into a subscription.

In BtoB, the quote is a living document which allows the sales representative to adapt and iterate the quote until the commercial agreement is reached. When it is so, the quote is turned into a subscription. The quote provides room for price negotiation when relevant, still ensuring consistency and control on the final prices.


CPQ – Billing Admin and Troubleshooting

A set of features is included which allow to :

  • Manage user account access rights and associated privileges
  • Schedule billing cycles and analyse billing cycle reports
  • Troubleshoot issues by retrieving all data related to the execution of one billing cycle on one user id.
  • Import and export data features for ERP injection or BI purpose