Support layers

Besides the functional layers, BillingLabs also offers multiple microservices aimed at facilitating the integration into your IT ecosystem.

Import / Export Layers

These layers are all built on the same principle with the same target: import or export data from or towards an external system with the relevant format.

Business Intelligence Data Export

It is possible to export raw data at any level to feed any BI product or drop them into any data lake: raw CDR after consolidation but also after rating, billing &/or taxing. These export layers convert data from Cassandra into SQL data following a formatting sequence which can match any import function from any external system and vice versa.

We have already successfully developed and deployed the right connectors to address Cognos BI or MS PowerBI.

Accounting system data export

The second export feed aims at sending data towards an ERP or any accounting system, our unique aggregator can match any accounting plan and format. In this instance, data after dispatch will be used.

We have already successfully developed and deployed the right connectors to address Sage L100 / L1000 product lines as Cegid accounting system.

Data injection

We can also inject in BillingLabs data which would have been processed by an external system such as rated CDRs coming from a third-party rating engine.


Quote Generator

The quote generator layer consists in building a quote to be exposed through API.

The quotes are produced from the elements below:

  • a predefined quote
  • The offer with all their parameters.
  • The customer information: Customer name, address, phone number, billing account….

In addition to providing the quote, the API provides the access to the following actions:

  • Retrieve the list of services, products, fees and default prices.
  • Provide the list of items that could be modified by a duly designated sales representative.
  • Allow you to overcharge based on the API Calling user rights.
  • Manage the life cycle of a quote.