Go Live

Ready, steady, GO!!! For a billing project: Design, migrate, GO LIVE !!!

Be involved yourself in the plan to GoLive

The deployment activity can sometimes be seen as a one-shot task that is not worth investing internal resources in. This would be an error. Your internal resources should have a clear understanding of the new billing system in order to run it when it is live. To avoid this, we will ensure your production team will be working closely with the SpikeeLabs Engineers in charge of the deployment of the tool in Production.​

People are key!

There are different ways of managing the transition to a new billing system and the term GoLive will have different meanings depending on the testing and validation approach.


The double run approach is an interesting one as it allows to build confidence in the new product without disturbing the operations. In that case, Go-live is “just” the redirection of the data flows to make the new system become the official one in service.

SpikeeLabs engineer will help you chose the best approach to manage a low risk, seamless transition to the BillingLabs system.

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